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        (including shipping) before making payments.






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           If you have any questions click here to send us an email:  E-Mail or call toll free (866) 269-1313



We recommend...

That you never give your credit card number directly to a web based merchant.


That would be one of the best ways to experience fraud or identity theft.


We use PayPal for our credit card processing because it is safe!  (SSL 128 bit encryption.) 


We never see your credit card number or any of your financial information.


Click this link to see why PayPal is better than giving your credit card number to a merchant: 


        PayPal Buyer Protection



Regular Mail Option:

Make your check payable to Hazen & Associates for the total amount including shipping...


    and mail it to:    Hazen and Associates

                            4410 Union Hills Dr #7

                            Glendale AZ 85308


    Please be sure to include the following additional information.

        Returned checks will be re-submitted.

        A returned check charge of $25 applies.

        If you discover that funds will not be available, please notify us immediately..      (866) 269-1313


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Virtual Check Option:                                          tell me more about virtual checks


           (your check must be for a U.S. based checking account)


    1.  Using the check you would have otherwise mailed, enter the information below.

    2.  Click the Send button.  It's that simple!

    3.  Be sure to void or discard the paper check.    


         We will generate a bank draft for the amount you specify - only!.

          It will be processed just as if you had mailed it.



Please provide the following information:                           * indicates required information                            

                  Account Name: * as it appears on your check.

               Account Address:

       Account City State Zip:


                  Check Number: * the number in the upper right hand corner of your check.

                                 Check Date:  *

                   Now find the numbers at the bottom of your check as illustrated here:


         Enter "your" numbers here:*


   Bank Routing Number:       Bank Account Number:


             (any other numbers along the bottom of the check are your "Check Number" and should match your entry above.)

                                 Bank Name:  *

                             Bank Address: 

                    Bank City, State Zip:  *

                    Bank Phone Number: * the phone number for your branch.


   I authorize Hazen and Associates to debit my checking account for this amount: $*

                                           My initials verifying authorization to process this transaction:   * (min. 2 characters)


                Please enter the following information to insure proper identification.

Name *
Phone *
E-mail * Please make SURE this is correct.


or additional Instructions


                             (only click Send once)                   


             If you have any questions concerning this form please click here:  E-Mail


    By clicking "Send" you agree to our terms and conditions including...

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Fax Option:   (processed as a virtual check)                    tell me more about virtual checks

       (your check must be for a U.S. based checking account)


1.  Make your check payable to Hazen & Associates and fax it to us at (206) 666-5112

2.  Be sure to also include a signed statement authorizing us to process the amount you are paying.

3.  Include your shipping address if different from the address on your check.

4.  It is also best to send us your phone number in case of any transmission problems.

5.  Be sure to void or discard the check you would have otherwise mailed.


       We will generate a bank draft for the amount you specify - only!

        It will be processed just as if you had mailed it.      

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Open Account Option:

We offer Net 30 terms to qualified USA buyers on approved credit.

You will need a printed copy of the credit application so you can sign it.

Click here to download the form in Microsoft Word format.

After you have printed it out...

    If you are unable to open this form with your word processor,   E-Mail or call (866) 269-1313 and

    we will fax or mail one to you.


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Buy Now option:                                                                  

This option offers direct credit card transactions with Secure, SSL 128 bit data encryption.

A PayPal account is optional.  A PayPal account is NOT required.

Use the Buy Now web page to select products using a "shopping cart".

You select the item(s) you want to buy and click a button that looks like this:

Shipping is calculated automatically and added when you check out.

Click here to go to the Buy Now page:  Buy Now 


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PayPal Option:                   

PayPal is a FREE payment service that allows you to use credit cards or your checking account to pay bills.

It is a great secure way to buy online because...

     your credit card and/or bank information is never revealed to us or anyone else.


Click one of the following links to use PayPal or click the logo to learn more.

To use PayPal:  Sign Up | Log In | PayPal Browser Setup Notes

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    Contact:  Hazen & Associates    Phoenix, AZ    

                    Call toll free: 866-269-1313 (6 AM - 10 PM)   E-Mail 



Why use a virtual check?

Are virtual checks legal?

Yes!  Fax, Internet, and Telephone checks (pre-authorized paper bank drafts) are completely legal since 1996 when new banking laws cleared the way for businesses to accept electronic drafts.

This method of accepting payment has been established as legal by statutory law as provided in: Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section 1-201 [39] and Title 3, Sections 3-104, 3-401 and 3-403; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Chapter II, Part 210; and Regulation J, Federal Reserve Bank, Part 2, Sections 4A-201 to 4A212.  Also see Romani vs. Harris 255 Md. 389.


Contact:  Hazen & Associates    Phoenix, AZ      

Call toll free: 866-269-1313   E-Mail


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