Credit Card Payment Form

         If you have been given an amount to pay by one of our operators...

                      enter it here.  Enter a description and then click Make Payment . . .

The amount provided to you by Phone or E-mail includes shipping.

  1. Enter a short description of your purchase and / or any special comments.

  2. Click the    button to be taken to the payments page. 

  3. Verify that the total is correct then click "Proceed to Check Out".

  • Important: A PayPal account is NOT required*.

  • Just follow the instructions above to get to the payments page.

  • Click "Proceed to Check Out" then to pay without a Paypal account...

  • Click on Pay with a Debit or Credit Card.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • (You can also pay using your existing PayPal account, but that is optional.)


 Please select:





  * Note: A PayPal account is optional if ...

    You have not previously used your credit card to fund an existing Paypal account.

    Your email address is not associated with a existing PayPal account

        or as a work around...   If your email address is being used for a PayPal account, but your credit card is not

                                                  you could substitute for the email address

    Your name and address must be entered just as it appears on your credit card statement.

    In addition, if the name on your statement does not consist of a first and last name you will need to split it.

         Example:  If the name on the card is  WonderfulWidgets you could put Wonderful as the first name and Widgets as the last.

     Note:  If you do have an existing Paypal account it may be easier to simply Send Money to



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