Hand helds

Slices styrofoam like butter

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The 12 Packer ( cuts 12" x 12" )


Includes cutter, hotwire with attaching clips

push button on-off switch

and power supply


The angles on both

sides are totally adjustable!

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Hotwire Cutters 

 portable Styrofoam cutters

Safe - Low Voltage - Choose from several styles


Hand held

 Use for fast, "slice 'n dice" cuts

Keep these styrofoam cutters near your work area.

12" x 12"

Powerful 12 volt 5 amp adapter

(Upgraded from 4 amps)

Only $79


        Table Top

Styrofoam Cutters

Safe - Low Voltage   Cuts approx. 12" x 12"

best for higher volume "precision"  cuts

Smoooooth melamine cutting surface

Powerful 12 volt 5 amp adapter

(Upgraded from 4 amps)


Only $129


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Center arm and wire assembly is removable

so this cutter doubles as a hand held

(click picture to see how)

5" wire, 8-1/2" throat

base is 14" x 7-1/2" x 1-1/2" thick

Click here for a Demo

(Note: demo shows older style cutter)

Cut letters, irregular shapes, circles & wreathes

Only $38.95


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Replacement Hotwire by the foot

Replacement wire, wire kits & power supplies



Table Top




Nice clean cuts with no mess

Hotwire cutter, table top 12 inch

Includes cutter, hotwire "kit"

(springs, clips & wire)

and power supply

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Jigsaw Cutter

click picture for more info

5" Cuts. 110v plug in Power Supply (included). Table Top and hand held combo.



Attention model airplane enthusiast.  Extra wide bows are available.


Although the plans you can get by following the link to the right are translated from Italian they offer a nice (and interesting) design for a hotwire styrofoam wing cutting table.  We can provide the bow (like the hand held unit above) and power supply for this cutting table.

  Plans for model airplane wing cutter table



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